気まぐれに 気ままに

They are standing on the stage of Tokyo Dome!

I would like to talk about a memory of Johnny's Count Down Live.

I cannot forget the Johnny's Count Down Live 2013-2014. I couldn't go to this concert and watched it on TV, but it was special live for me. I have watched it many times, and even now, I often watch it.

Why do I like it so much? This is because that "they" appeared on the stage of Count Down Live. They are members of group of five, but they appeared by only two. It was the first time and the last time.

They are "Fumaken," Kento Nakajima and Fuma Kikuchi.

They are my favorite "symmetry" which means a pair of two members who dance or sing on symmetrical position. They have been "symmetry" since they became Jonny's Jr.

I had watched their singing and dansing before they debuted. However, when I saw them at the first concert as Sexy Zone, I was shocked by their performance. I thought that they should perform on bigger stage. I believed that they can do it and they should do it. I wanted much more people to see them.

From this, I was very grad when Kento and Fuma appeared on the stage of Count Down Live at Tokyo Dome. It was the only Count Down Live that only old members, Kent and Fuma appeared. 

They are singing on Tokyo Dome! Many Johnny's fans and other people are seeing them! Look! Look! Don't you think they are fabulous?

This was my feeling at that time. 

Of course, I like all members of Sexy Zone, but "Fumaken" is special for me. I have seen them for a long time. I have liked them and their mates. I know they have many good points. In addition, I have hoped them to succeed. So one of my dreams came true when I saw their performing at the stage of Count Down Live.

In conclusion, I mention my dream. My big dream is that they perform at Tokyo Dome again like the Count Down Live and I watch them at a seat of it.