気まぐれに 気ままに

Welcome to Sexy Zone

I wrote this article in the end of February just after Sexy Zone released the album. Therefore, I hadn't known about their concert yet at that time. Please understand it.


     My favorite group, Sexy Zone released new album, "Welcome to Sexy Zone." This album is special for fans of them because it is the first one since they restarted as five members. I had been looking forward to releasing the album, so I felt grad when I got it. Today, I would like to talk about their  new album "Welcome to Sexy Zone." I will pick some songs up and introduce them.
     This album has some "unit songs" such as Kento and Shori's song or Fuma, So and Marius's song. When I know that, I was fear that there are some "not five members' songs." However, Shori described "this is identity of Sexy Zone." I felt easy about it when he said that, and after I bought the album, I do not mind that because their unit songs are very exiting. 
     For example, "FumaKen" 's song, "Electronic Shock" has very cool music and lyrics suitable for them. It represents their abnormal relationship well. I am looking forward to seeing their performance of the song. 
     In addition, "SoMari" 's song, "Sweaty Girl" is very cute. It is first their song and suits them. Melody of it is pop and cute, and their little high voice fits right with the melody. I recommend you to listen to it. You must like it!
     I would talk about another one. One of my favorite songs in this album is Shori's solo song, "Last winter's night." It seems a kind of sad songs when you listen to it for the first time, but I think this is indeed Shori's song. In the song, he apologized to us, many fans, and the melody is also sorrowful one. When I listen to it, I also feel awful at first because I had not accepted their activities. However, I felt relieved when I found that he could express his real feelings in the song. I think it symbolizes his fragility, "hakanasa." 
     I can introduce only a few songs today, but as I mentioned, the album "Welcome to Sexy Zone" has a lot of pretty and existing songs. If you buy the album, you must be satisfied with it. Why don't you enjoy with me?