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「海外から見たジャニーズ」アンケート Questionnaire about "Johnny's seen from abroad"

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I closed the list for this questionnare. Over 500 international Johnny's fans filled out it. I am deeply moved. As I wrote before, your answers will be used only in the class, but many people have suggested me to publish the result of it. Although I am considering, I may let you know not the result itself or your answers but my opinion about it in this blog later. Thank you very much.



This is a questionnaire about "Johnny's seen from abroad" for the Johnny's fans who do not live in Japan or who are from abroad. I am studying English and Japanese pop culture at university. I will make a presentation about "Japanese culture seen from abroad," and I chose Johnny's as my theme. I will use your answer only in the class. Some questions are not multiple-choice questions, so it is not so easy to answer, but I would like you to cooperate with me. In addition, if you have any other comments or opinions that you can share with me, please send it to this blog or my Twitter(@shi46_c). Thank you for your cooperation.